The Tool Kit Packages
ISA’s Surveillance Technician’s Essential Toolkits

When used in combination, these four toolkits are designed to suit all of a surveillance technician’s different instrument needs during a physical search.

TK-1 Introductory Countermeasures Tool Kit

This is a complete countermeasures technician toolkit to aid in physical searches and is supplied in a soft roll pouch.


  • 1 side cutting pliers
  • 1 chain nose pliers
  • 1 small slip joint pliers
  • 1 large Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 small pry bar
  • 1 wire stripper
  • 1 one level soldering iron
  • 1 hex key set
  • 1 night light
  • 1 heavy duty flashlight
  • 1 pen light
  • 1 moveable mirror
  • 1 multi meter
  • 1 set of batteries for flashlights and multimeter
  • 2 clip leads
  • Black tape
  • Magic glue

TK-2 Countermeasures ToolKit

The TK-2 contains all of the TK-1 tools and provides 2 additional screw holding screwdrivers, large screwdrivers, levels, pen lights, night lights and heavy duty flashlights. TheTK-2 comes in a carry case which has a fitted insert. Now includes a SA-2, with the contact microphone!

The TK-3 Security Screw Toolkit

The TK-3 is an essential assortment of screw driver bits for installing and removing security head screws. The TK-3 includes driver bits for several sizes of Torx, Allan, Tri-Groove and spanner heads. It also includes a bit for removing the tamper-proof fastener found on telephone Network Interface Units, typical of small business and residential installations. This bit is not available from telephone equipment suppliers or other local sources. The set includes 25 bits, a magnetic drive handle, magnetic holder to chuck in an electric screw driver, carrying case.

LK-1 Lighting Kit

This special lighting kit facilitates the search for surveillance equipment. A flexible fiber optic rod attachment, angled mirrors, clip-on magnets, flat mirrors, magnetic pickups and light source all supplied as standard accessories. The Kit is battery powered.