The MDC-5
ISA’s Microwave Range Extender for the ECR-3

MDC-5 - Microwave Range Extender for the ECR-3

The Microwave Down Converter generation 5, codename MDC-5, is the most cost effective way to extend the frequency range of ISA’s ECR-3 Countermeasures Receivers. The MDC-5 converts signals transmitting between 1 GHz and 3GHz down to 0-1000 MHz. This allows the ECR-3 to detect and present the signal on its CRT. The MDC-5 is very sensitive (-100 dBm). It will detect low powered, directional transmitters, even at great distances! Detected demodulated audio and video, depending on the receiver, can easily be evaluated to discern if it’s a threat or a benign transmission.


Frequency Coverage: 1 to 3 GHz
Sensitivity: -100dbm
Power: 9 Volt Battery
Accessories: Log Periodic Antenna
Connection Cable to ECR-3
Durable Carrying Case


Options for The MDC-5

An optional TT-3 Test Transmitter can be ordered with the MDC-5 for operator training and reception checks. The test signal pulsates for easy identification.