ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver & SmartScan

ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver & SmartScan

The ECR-3A Countermeasures Receiver with SmartScan is ISA’s full spectrum analyzer, capable of detecting the lowest power eavesdropping transmitters, power line transmitters and even the most exotic modulation techniques. The ECR-3 is not affected by strong local signals that overwhelm other receivers because of the advanced engineering techniques used in its manufacturing.

The ECR-3A has been designed for easy use by non-technical personnel. A simple push-button audio demodulation lets the user hear signal audio and view its location on the receiver. Narrow and wide band FM and AM demodulation provides rapid identification of suspicious signals and you can even listen to audio through the built-in speaker or on headphones.

The Difference

The ECR-3A’s super sensitivity will detect low power transmitters within an area of up to 30,000 square feet. It has a sensitivity of 0.1 microvolt’s; over 8 times more sensitive than its nearest competitor. This allows the technician to perform RF sweeps more thoroughly, quickly and confidently.

The ECR-3A comes complete with all accessories needed to do a thorough sweep. This includes Antennas, AC powerline interface for powerline transmitters, Sound Sources, test transmitters and more. The comprehensive Operator’s Manual is filled with operation techniques which enable even inexperienced users to operate the ECR-3 with accurate results.

SmartScan Software

The SmartScan software allows the ECR-3A to communicate with any computer; it can control the receiver, automatically conduct an RF sweep and perform advanced analyses. SmartScan detects RF bugs extremely accurately and efficiently without requiring the operator to have a strong technical background and sans sacrificing RF sensitivity.

How it works

The computer controls the starting frequency and ending frequency of the RF sweep and tunes the ECR-3A through the radio spectrum. The computer logs all signals detected by frequency and strength. Scan results can be saved to the computer's hard drive for future comparisons and reporting purposes. This system operates exclusively with ISA's ECR-3 receivers.

Before SmartScan, spectrum analyzers required manual operation by a trained, skilled operator. RF sweeps were long and cumbersome, although they yielded superior results compared to other types of receivers. The ECR SmartScan automates the RF sweep so that the operator is free to do other tasks while the spectrum is examined by the system.

Signals can be evaluated using FM and AM demodulators. An operator with only a few hours of experience with the system can identify a signal within a second or two and move quickly to the next signal. Typical scans detect between 250 and 400 signals. This means that the audio evaluation will generally take no more a few minutes compared to manual spectrum analyzer scans which can take upwards of 2 hours.


  • Hard-shell shipping/Carrying Case
  • Soft sided carry case
  • Video Monitor
  • MDC-5 Extends frequency range to 3 GHz


Frequency Range 10 MHz through I GHz, usable 30 kHz to 1.15
Amplitude +20 dBm (max. atten.), protected to +30 dBm
Power 130 VAC, 210 to 240 V AC (selectable), Less than 100 VA