The Legacy of Information Security Associates

Information Security Associates, LLC commonly called ISA was founded in 1981 by Sam Daskam in Stamford, Connecticut. For over 25 years, ISA has been recognized worldwide by domestic and international governments and corporations for providing the highest quality eavesdropping detection products, technical operator training, and eavesdropping detection sweeps available.

Sam’s long term protégé and head of engineering, Horace R. Edgerton is now the owner of ISA. Horace’s dedication to ISA and countermeasures advancement has been undeniable. As the backbone of the company’s apex in the 80’s, and continued success, Horace is returning ISA to the forefront of the countermeasures world. He, along with his team of engineers desire to deliver the most powerful, durable and most importantly reliable equipment for your information protection needs.

ISA’s facilities are located in Seymour, Connecticut, USA, approximately 80 miles northeast of New York City.

Information Security Associates, LLC.
6 Spruce Brook Road
Seymour, CT 06483 USA
Phone: 203-736-9587
Fax: 203-736-9639