The MDC-5

The MDC-5 Microwave Downconverter is a cost effective way to extend the frequency range of ISA’s ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver.

The DAR Series

ISA’s DAR series Transmitter Detectors are broadband receivers designed to detect and locate hidden electronic surveillance transmitters. The DAR series receivers are effective even for users with no technical training.


The TD-2 TapZap is ISA’s cost effective and easy-to-use method of keeping phone-tappers away from your home or small business. It will detect most existing methods of telephone attacks, including every method that affects the operating parameters of the telephone system.


Designed for residences and small businesses, ISA’s Line Impedance Tester, codename LIT-1, is a highly reliable and dependable detector of eavesdropping devices on telephone lines. It offers a more complete and detailed analysis of telephone lines where tip and ring phone service is used; typically small key and Centrex type systems. The LIT-1 allows the operator to verify the results of on-hook and off-hook voltage tests made at the telephone or demarcation point.

Special Audio Amplifier

An essential item for businesses and all those doing surveillance sweeps is ISA’s Special Audio Amplifier codename SA.

The Accessories

Optional devices designed to facilitate and expedite surveillance sweeps.

Tool Kits

When used in combination, these four toolkits are designed to suit all of a surveillance technician’s different instrument needs during a physical search.