Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Service (TSCM )

Technical Surveillance CountermeasuresTo assist management in determining if eaves­dropping equipment is present in their facilities, ISA offers a confidential TSCM Survey program either on a one-time or a regularly scheduled basis. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Surveys usually consist of, but are not limited to, the following work:

One or more Radio Frequency spectrum analyses are performed using the ECR-3 Countermeasures Receiver. These analyses check for all types of transmitters including free space transmissions and devices which utilize the power lines as a transmission media. Special techniques such as subcarrier, frequency hopping and spread spectrum are also addressed. All signals must be identified as either emanating from a legitimate transmitter such as an FM broadcast station or not originating in the area which is being investigated.

Telephone instruments and the telephone lines in the area of investigation are examined with the ETA­3a Telephone Analyzer, checking for devices connected to the telephone line or telephone instrument which allow room audio to be heard when the phone is not being used (on-hook). All phones which have been tested are also disassembled and inspected for foreign devices and non-standard wiring. The ISA equipment which is used is compatible with all three generations of phones: electromechanical, electronic and digital voice systems. Telephone equipment and frame rooms in the areas of concern are also inspected.

A thorough physical search is performed in the areas under investigation, with particular attention being paid to areas adjoining the rooms that were secured, as well as the walls between these areas. The wiring exiting the area is visually inspected and in some cases electrically tested to verify that no room audio is present on the wires. Ceiling areas, radiators, air conditioning ducts and enclosures, electrical outlets and switches, picture frames, furniture and plants are also items of concern.

Room surfaces including desks, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. are examined with the Boomerang Non­linear Junction Detector. The Boomerang utilizes a low power microwave beam to detect energy reflected from diodes, transistors and/or integrated circuits. Radio transmitters, tape recorder and other eavesdropping devices all contain these compo­nents. The Boomerang aids in the detection and location of these devices. In addition, microwave transmitters or remotely activated transmitters and devices utilizing transmission techniques such as infrared or ultrasonic, as well as others, are capable of being detected by this method.

At the completion of the survey a detailed written report outlining the work performed, results and any recommendations will be forwarded to you.

All work will be performed by our experienced field engineering staff with many years of hands on problem solving experience for Fortune 1000, U.S. and Foreign Government clients. ISA can provide cost effective answers for improvement of your information security.

Special Situations

In addition to routine and scheduled Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Surveys, ISA personnel are experienced in special situations including High Technology Information theft cases, mergers, acquisitions and unfriendly take-over situations.

Security Program Planning and Analysis

ISA's consulting staff includes personnel experienced in communications, electronics, computer and physical security as well as the legal aspects of information security. This staff stands ready to help you evaluate and audit current programs or develop new programs. Some areas of concern covered by these programs include computer and communications security, including security review of new telecommunications and audio-visual systems, executive protection program review, building design, etc.

Our personnel have served as expert trial witnesses and appeared before Congressional panels as witnesses. They have written more than a dozen major articles and papers and have been invited lecturers throughout the world on eavesdropping countermeasures, information protection and prevention of theft of High Technology Information.

Consulting costs can be determined in most cases in advance. For Technical Surveillance Countermeasures work, have the following information available:

  1. Number of phones, manufacturer and model number
  2. Number of rooms and their size
  3. Location of the rooms in relation to each other, how many floors and buildings involved
  4. Type of ceiling and whether pushup or fixed (solid).

Please remember to always call us from a phone outside the area of concern!