The SA Series
ISA’s Special Audio Amplifiers

An essential item for businesses and all those doing surveillance sweeps is ISA’s Special Audio Amplifier codename SA. A special audio amplifier is needed during a sweep to determine if there is audio present on wires and cables found in the vicinity of the investigation. The wires and cables that are connected to PA and other loudspeakers can be exploited to act as microphones by transmitting information from a boardroom or other sensitive area to an eavesdropper. The SA comes in two models, the SA-1 and the SA-2. The SA-2 is identical to the SA-1 but is supplied with a contact microphone. The contact microphone is used to assess the vulnerability of walls, windows, HVAC ducting, etc., to audio intrusions. Both amplifiers include a tone generator for testing amplifier performance, surreptitious lines and can also supply a low voltage to older carbon and electret telephone microphones.